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03.10.2015 20:52

Strategy 21


Trading setup and tools we need:
Time frame: 3 hour (or 4 hour).
Currency pairs: any.
Fibonacci tool - our main tool
EMA 100 – green (visual guidance)
SMA 150 – red (visual guidance)
RSI (14) on a daily chart


We will be working with next Fibonacci retracement levels: 0.382, 0.618, 0.250 and 0.750.
loss – roughly 100 Default stop pips and then adjusted according to the most recent swing high/low.
Profit target – no target is set as we will let the profits run.



Trading Rules:
Find the closest to the current price wave with a distance from High to Low over 100 pips.
Apply Fibonacci on it no matter if the wave is going up or down, only size matters.

Some terms we are going to use here:

The corridor between 0.382 Fibonacci retracement level and 0.618 retracement on the chart – will be called a “must channel”.
Fibonacci retracement levels will be numbered always from bottom to top, no matter whether it is an up or a down wave.

E.g. at the bottom we will always have 0.250, then next 0.382, 0.618 and finally on top – 0.750 Fibonacci retracement level.


Entry rules:
Always enter only according with both:
1. EMA and SMA trend suggestion (e.g. green on top – uptrend, red on top - downtrend)
2. RSI suggestion (e.g. reading below 50 – only sell orders, above – only buy orders).


Now, after applying Fibonacci on a wave bigger than 100 pips we wait for the price to go inside a “must channel” area (at least to make 1 pip into the channel). Only then next rules will be valid:
- If a full candle (including shadows) is closed below 0.250 Fibonacci retracement, we go short. If we are currently long – it is time to close long position – it is an exit rule as well.

- If a full candle (including shadows) is closed above 0.750 Fibonacci retracement, we go long. If till this time we had short positions open – we close them – and again it is an exit rule as well.

Important: once another wave greater than 100 pips occur, set a new Fibonacci on the new wave. Retracement levels will change and so we will now follow new retracements.

(Optional: for visual aid traders may mark old Fibonacci wave to see the general pattern of consecutive waves on the chart).


Grafické znázornění strategie GBP/USD 3H


That’s it. Stay in trade, resetting Fibonacci with each new wave and moving a stop loss according to the last swings high or low (in simple words, a stop loss will be always just below the Fibonacci 0% line) until it is time to close the position according to our rules.


This strategy prevents a lot of “bad” entries, eliminates early exits and allows staying in trade for a long period of time helping to take everything a current move can offer.
Traders may close all good winning positions on Friday evening if they prefer not to hold them over a weekend.









Strategy 20



Time frame - any
Indicators - EMA (3,18), MACD (12,26,9), RSI (14)


Grafické znázornění strategie na EURUSD

Rules of the game - Set color of MACD line to black, and the signal line color to white (or other color, same as your background). Signal for short position we get when MACD line is under 0 level, EMA 3 cross with EMA 18, and RSI is under 50 level. Gains we realized when one of indicators give a opposite signal

SL - near local maximum/minimum






Strategy 19


Time frame: daily
Currency pairs: any

Indicators: RSI(8), EMA(8)on RSI window, ATR(20)on RSI window, 28EMA on main window, Monthly Pivot

Use the 28EMA to determine the trend direction on the daily chart

Long entry rule

RSI must cross from below to above EMA(8)

Enter when a new candle opens and the RSI is still above the 8 EMA

Short entry rule

The reverse of above.

Stop loss: 75% of the value of the ATR(20)
take profit: use resistant and support of Fibonacci or the monthly pivots (let the profits run).


Vstup na základě křížení indicátorů RSI, ATR a klouzavých průměrů EMA






Strategy 18


9 SMA on close
100 SMA on close
RVI = 100 (relative vigor index) same as Sidus' indicator. (THIS INDICATOR IS NOT NECESSARY I(the author) USE IT FOR MOMENTUM MAINLY)


LONG - When the 9 crosses above the 100 SMA Buy and it helps if the RVI is above 0
SHORT - When the 9 crosses below the 100 SMA Sell and it helps if the RVI is below 0


Close your position and reverse it when the 9 crosses back or Close the position when the price crosses back over the 9 SMA by 20 pips.


You may generally have periods when the price may whipsaw 1 or 2 times in a row, but 80-90% of the time when the 9 crosses the 100 you will catch an awesome move.. I trade only the GBP/JPY on the 1 hour (1 to 2 trades a week)

Let's get together and run this system to see how it goes.

Here is an image of the system in play.


Křížení dvou klouzavých průměrů


I prefer the 1 HOUR CHART. You don't even need the RVI, but i use it to confirm the momentum(According to the author of this method)








Strategy 17


In this system, We use the following components:
1. 5-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA 5) applied to the Close.
2. 12-period Exponential Moving Average (EMA 12) applied to the Close.
3. 21-period RSI (RSI 21)
4. Bullish/ Hammer candlestick patterns Bearish Engulfing Pattern, Hammer, Inverted.

TimeFrame: Any
Currency: Any

Entry Rules for LONG Trades

Two conditions must be fulfilled:
1. EMA 5 crosses EMA 12 to the upside… AND our RSI 21 > 50.
2. We’ve got confirming candlestick pattern: Either Bullish Engulfing Pattern or


Entry Rules for SHORT Trades

Two conditions must be fulfilled:
1. Enter short when EMA 5 crosses EMA 12 to the downside AND RSI 21 is less
than 50.
2. We’ve got confirming candlestick pattern: Either Bearish Engulfing Pattern or
Inverted Hammer.

Vstup na křížení klouzavých průměrů EMA 5 a EMA 12


Stop Loss:
For long trades, stop loss should be placed at the nearest support.
For short trades, stop loss should be placed at the nearest resistance.

Exit Rules for Long Trades: Exit the trade when EMA 5 crosses back below EMA 12 Or RSI 21 < 50.
Or when price stalls at major resistance, trendline, pivot points, Fibonacci projection target.
Or when bearish engulfing patterns or inverted hammer patterns form.

Exit Rules for Short Trades:


Exit our short trade when EMA 5 crosses above EMA 12 Or RSI 21 > 50
Or when price stalls at major support, trendline, pivot points, Fibonacci projection target.
Or when bullish engulfing patterns or hammer patterns form.





Strategy 15



Indicators: 5 SMA applied to close, 14 SMA applied to close and EMA of 144 and 169 applied to close.

Pairs: any

Time Frame: 4hrs only


The 144 and 169 gives the direction of trend, I mean when 144 above 169 it's an uptrend and if below it's a downtrend.

You use the 5sma to enter the market in the direction of trend while you use the 14sma to enter against the trend. In the direction of the trend given by the two ema, when a candle closes below the 5sma for a sell and above it for a buy, while if against the trend as given by the ema, when a candle closes below the 14sma you enter a sell and above it for a buy. Stoploss is always the high of the signal candle or low.
Now this system is pretty cool and wonderful, suggestions and questions are welcome. Thanks.

I have attached charts for visuals: